About Us

What we do at the Bank of England affects everyone. However, our polling revealed:

“Only 1 in 4 people think the Bank is good at explaining its actions and decisions in terms they can understand.”

The economy, made simple…

We want to change this. So the Bank has set up its first ever Public lightbulbiconUnderstanding Team with the sole objective to improve understanding about what we do, and most importantly, how what we do affects your day-to-day life. As an organisation, we are only too aware that economics can be a bit of a minefield, but we hope that through KnowledgeBank, we can start to change this…

Our bite-size guides will explain key economic concepts in a simple and jargon-free way. We plan to publish new content every month – so please keep your eyes out for our new guides, or sign-up to receive alerts for new content here. Quite simply, we want to bring economics to life for everyone, translating sometimes complex theories into simple everyday concepts.

We hope that you can feel inspired, interested and intrigued by the content on our site, however it is important that we grow and evolve to our users’ needs. We’re here to listen – so if you have any feedback, ideas for content, or would simply like to get in touch, please do so via our Contact Us page. Alternatively you can share your thoughts on social media using #BoEknowledgebank.