Trading activity wind-down

Statement of Policy
Published on 06 May 2022


This Statement of Policy (SoP) should be of interest to all PRA-authorised UK banks, their qualifying parent undertakings and PRA-designated investment firms that are engaged in trading activities, and relevant third-country branches. This SoP is also relevant to policymakers and practitioners that would expect to be involved in firms’ resolution. It is not relevant to credit unions


This Statement of Policy (SoP) should be of particular interest to firms to which the expectations in Supervisory Statement (SS) 1/22 ‘Trading activity wind-down’ apply, as it sets out how those expectations are intended to advance the PRA’s objectives alongside other parts of the PRA’s policy framework. This SoP does not place any additional requirements or expectations on firms.

Future version

Published 6 May 2022. Effective from 3 March 2025 

- Following PS4/22 ‘Trading activity wind-down’

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