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Use our free, home education resources to learn about what the Bank of England does.

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We have put together a list of home learning activities to help students, teachers, families and adults to learn about the economy, our work and our history.

We value financial education and have developed a range of resources for schools, in consultation with education experts. While some of our resources are for use in the classroom, others can be used at home. 

Our Museum offers visitors a chance to find out more about who we are – and what we do. Our online resources allow you to explore our collections and learn about our history.

This list of home learning activities includes our own resources and ones from trusted partners. These activities are free to use, but some require users to register. We recommend that parents, teachers and carers consider government guidance on internet safety to ensure any online learning is safe and appropriate for students.

This page was last updated 08 April 2021

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