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These are additional monetary & financial statistics that the Bank has provided to users on request. We publish these on our website to ensure they are accessible to all.

Additional MLAR data on High Income Multiples

Published: 01/04/2021

Annual totals (from 2010 to 2017) of UK resident banks’ non-resident net fees and commissions, split by selected regions.

Published: 06/06/2018

Bond quoted rates

Detail: Three year fixed

Published: 25/11/2015 (first published 11/06/2013)

Consumer credit 12-month growth

Detail: A chart of 12-month consumer credit growth, split by credit cards, dealership car finance, and other, from January 2013 to November 2018.

Published: 17/01/2019

Credit unions external auditors

Detail: A10 regulatory returns

Published: 23/08/2019

Credit Union’s Subordinated debt and Deferred shares

Detail: Annual credit union balance sheet items from the quarterly (CY) returns submitted by authorised credit unions in the United Kingdom. Data includes aggregates of Subordinated debt (over 4 years remaining), Subordinated debt (4 years and fewer remaining) and Deferred shares.

Published: 23/12/2019

Deposits and lending for PNFCs and households

Detail: In all currencies; split by UK owned MFIs and Non-UK owned MFIs

Published: 23/09/2016 (first published on 11/02/2011)

Monetary financial institutions’ sterling deposits from the household sector, split by components

Detail: Including Central Bank; Household sector; split by components; unincorporated businesses and non-profit institutions serving households.

Published: 01/11/2022 (first published on 01/07/2015) 

Monetary financial institutions total assets

Detail: Amounts outstanding; excluding Central Bank; split by UK-owned and Foreign Branches and Subsidiaries. From September 1997 to March 2015

Published: 26/06/2015

Monthly amounts outstanding data of UK monetary financial institutions' lending to non-profit institutions serving households split by overdrafts, up to 12 months maturity and over 12 months maturity

Detail: Data are presented from January 2014 to October 2023, not seasonally adjusted

Published: 30/11/2023

Monthly consumer credit gross lending to individuals

Detail: Excluding credit cards; gross lending to individuals from Monetary Financial Institutions (inc. Central Bank). From January 2008 to August 2018

Published: 01/10/2018 (first published on 17/11/2014)

Qualifying adult members of credit unions

Detail: Greater London data

Published: 12/01/2015

Quarterly volume data of Gilt Repo and Stock Lending Activity by Original Maturity

Detail: Data are presented from February 1998 to August 2017, not seasonally adjusted.

Published: 30/11/2017

Renminbi business of UK monetary financial institutions

Detail: Covering the period of 2024 Q1

Published: 08/07/2024 (first published 10/10/2017)

Stress Testing Results

Detail: Geographical composition of participating banks’ exposures; Chart 11 of the 2015 Stress Testing Results

Published: 08/12/2015

UK monetary financial institutions

Detail: External business vis-a-vis European developed countries; split by sector. As end-December 2015

Published: 12/07/2016

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