We publish staff working papers and hold research events throughout the year.

Our research agenda

Our research activity is centred around the Bank of England Agenda for Research (BEAR). This multi-year document is organised around five themes and includes a set of priority topics that we update once a year.

Our researchers

Our researchers carry out diverse and cutting-edge research in business areas across the Bank, and the Research Hub centrally coordinates research activities on BEAR. Find out more about our Research careers.

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Our research events

We aim to be open and to create an environment that stimulates challenge and debate. We organise conferences, workshops and other events to engage with the wider research community and other experts.


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Our Staff Working papers

We share our work externally to encourage comments and debate. Our new research is released in our ‘Staff Working papers’ series.

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Our external publications

Our research is published externally in journals, books, chapters in books and conference volumes. Here is a list of these publications:
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