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Open Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm. We’re also open late, until 8pm, every third Thursday of the month. Closed on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Entry is free, no need to book ahead.

Our new exhibition Slavery & the Bank is now open.

What treasures await?

On your visit, you’ll explore the history of the Bank of England and what it does today. Learn about why people started using paper money, and discover the secrets of why banknotes are so difficult to copy. Test your strength by picking up a gold bar, and discover why our building is on top of one the world's largest stores of gold! 

Don’t forget to check out our temporary exhibitions and events on your visit.

Learn about the Bank of England and money

Learn what the Bank of England does and how this affects you. Find out how we work to keep prices stable (the cost of things like food, televisions and train tickets). Discover how we ensure that the financial system is safe and sound.

At the heart of our museum is the Stock Office. This is what the inside of the Bank of England would have looked like 200 hundred years ago.

In the centre of our Stock Office is a large model of a ship. Keeping prices stable is a bit like sailing a ship. You need to avoid storms and hazards that might push us off course. Have a go yourself in our 'Keeping on an even keel' interactive display.

See gold and banknotes

In our Modern Economy room, find out why there are 400,000 gold bars in the Bank of England’s underground vaults. In our Rotunda room try to lift a real gold bar for yourself.

And take a #GoldVaultSelfie in our ‘gold corridor’.

In our Banknote Gallery find out how banknotes have changed over time.

Discover history, architecture and banknote design

Travel through 300 years of history in our Early Years and Rotunda rooms. Discover the events and people that have shaped the Bank of England over the centuries.

Learn about the Bank of England’s historic buildings and banknote design.


Audio Guides

Explore the collection with your smartphone!

Download the free Smartify app to explore our audio guides in the museum or from home! QR codes available in the museum will launch the tour.

If possible, please bring your own headphones. Devices are available to borrow if you don’t have a smartphone or data.

This page was last updated 28 March 2022

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