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Our museum welcomes hundreds of school groups each year and is the perfect destination to explore the economy and help students develop their financial literacy skills. From holding a bar of gold to helping keep inflation on track, our museum offers an educational and fun visit for all age groups. 

We offer a range of free presentations and resources designed to support a number of curriculum subjects. Take a look below. 

Book a presentation

Our presentations for state primary schools explore money, gold and the role of the Bank of England. Presentations are supported by a classroom resource.

If you are a state secondary school looking for a GCSE or A Level talk, you might want to explore our Bank Ambassador talks.

Learn more about our free talks and presentations

Talks can be provided via MS Teams or Zoom

Plan your visit

Find practical information for visiting our museum.

All school groups are welcome to come for a self-guided visit. Age appropriate activity sheets are available for students to complete as they explore the museum.

Plan your free visit to our museum

Entry is free of charge. All our activities, exhibitions, talks and presentations are also free

Home learning hub

Find a range of resources which complement the school curriculum, from art to history.

Use our free, home education resources

We have curated a selection of activities to help people of all ages to learn at home


Discover even more resources for your classroom with educational resources created by the Bank of England.

Explore our free classroom materials

Our free teaching resources for primary and secondary schools support a broad range of curriculum subjects


Read our introduction to economic issues and concepts in KnowledgeBank.

Read our introductions to economic issues in 'KnowledgeBank'

The economy made simple

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