Run Off and Undertakings in Difficulty

Policies relating to Run Off and undertakings in difficulty for all insurance firms.

PRA Rules and Modifications by Consent

For UK Solvency II firms

For UK Solvency II firms and Third country branches

For Non-Solvency II firms

For Supervised Run-Off firms

Supervisory Statements

For UK Solvency II firms

  • Capital extractions by run-off firms within the general insurance sector (SS4/14)
  • Solvency II: supervision of firms in difficulty or run-off (SS7/15

For all insurers

  • The Prudential Regulation Authority's approach to schemes of arrangement proposed by PRA-authorised insurers under Part 26 of the Companies Act 2006 (SS3/14)
  • Corporate Governance: Board responsibilities (SS5/16)

Statement of policy

For all insurance firms with a P4A permission

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