Annual Reports 2023

We have published several of our Annual Reports.
Published on 06 July 2023

The Bank of England and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) annual reports and accounts

We publish separate annual reports and accounts. The reports provide information on our activities and finances for the preceding year.

Asset Purchase Facility Annual Report 2022/23

Our Asset Purchase Facility buys financial assets, such as government bonds, with the aim of improving liquidity in credit markets.

Alternative Liquidity Facility Annual Report 2022/23

Our Alternative Liquidity Facility offers a non-interest based deposit facility backed by the Bank to commercial banks that cannot pay or receive interest.

Report on the Bank's official market operations 2022–23

The Bank publishes an annual report covering key developments in its market operations and their usage. This short, factual report covers the period March 2022 to end-February 2023.

The Bank of England’s climate-related financial disclosure 2023

The climate-related financial disclosure sets out the Bank’s approach to managing the risks from climate change across its policy functions and internal operations.

Alongside the climate-related financial disclosure, the Bank has also published its climate transition plan. This sets out for the first time how we will meet our commitment to reduce greenhouse gases from our physical operations to net zero by 2040 – the Bank’s new Physical Greenhouse Gas Emissions Target.