Charlotte Gerken

Executive Director, Insurance


Charlotte Gerken is Executive Director, co-leading the Insurance Directorate with Anna Sweeney, and with responsibility for supervision of the life insurance sector with effect from 27 January 2020. The PRA’s approach to supervision seeks to deliver the PRA’s statutory objectives for insurance to:

  • promote the safety and soundness of the firms we regulate; and 
  • contribute to the securing of an appropriate degree of protection for those who are or may become policyholders. 

Charlotte was previously Director for Cross-cutting and Insurance Policy in the Bank of England’s Prudential Policy Directorate, where she was responsible for a number of key policy areas, including insurance policy; and policy that affects both banks and insurers including accounting and the capital framework; governance and individual accountability; operational resilience; reporting and disclosure; and policy strategy and implementation. From 2015-18, Charlotte was Director of Supervisory Risk Specialists, responsible for delivery of analysis for the annual concurrent stress test of the UK banking system, and development of the Bank’s stress testing approach. Her previous experience includes leading risk specialist divisions and leading teams supervising a range of banks, investment banks and insurance groups.  Charlotte started her career in commercial banking.

Charlotte is a non-executive member of the Bank’s RTGS/CHAPS Board and the Board Risk Committee.

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