Results and usage data

Results and usage data for our facilities

Participation in the Sterling Monetary Framework

The number of firms participating in the Sterling Monetary Framework (as at 20 March 2024) are:

Sterling Monetary Framework 226
Reserves Accounts and Operational Standing Facilities 218
Open Market Operations 120
Discount Window Facility


Operational Standing Facilities

We do not publish data on individual Operational Standing Facilities transactions. We publish aggregate data on OSFs drawings on the third Wednesday of the following maintenance period on the Bank of England Database.

Discount Window Facility

We do not publish data on individual transactions within the Discount Window Facility. We update aggregate data on DWF drawings on the first Tuesday following the final working day of the calendar quarter, five quarters ahead.

Asset Purchase Facility - Gilt Operations

The headline figure above takes into account any sales and redemptions. We publish a more detailed breakdown of our sales operations, including nominal and sales proceeds, in the spreadsheet below. This data is reported on a trade date basis and updated following any gilt operation.

We also publish data on gilt maturities and the overall maturity profile of the stock of gilts held in the APF, in terms of initial purchase proceeds, in the spreadsheet below:

This profile is usually updated on Thursdays at 3pm when an APF operation has occurred in the preceding week and/or a gilt from the portfolio has reached maturity.

Asset Purchase Facility - Corporate Bond Operations

Please see below for the list of the individual sterling corporate bonds held in the Asset Purchase Facility (last updated on 30 August 2023):

The Bank confirmed that it has now concluded its corporate bond sales programme. A small number of very short maturity bonds will continue to be held in the portfolio, maturing fully by 5 April 2024.

Term Funding Scheme with additional incentives for SMEs (TFSME)

The Bank will publish on this page quarterly data showing, for each group participating in the TFSME, the amount borrowed from the Scheme and the net quarterly flows of lending to UK households and firms. The first publication on 4 June 2020 will show lending data only. This will include participants’ base stock of lending as of end-December 2019, and Q1 net quarterly flows of lending for participants who have had this data certified by end-May.

Quarterly provisional publication dates for 2024 are set out in the table below.

Publication date

Period covered (up to)

14 March 2024

Q4 2023

13 June 2024

Q1 2024

12 September 2024

Q2 2024

12 December 2024

Q3 2024

Alternative Liquidity Facility

We do not publish data on individual transactions within the Alternative Liquidity Facility. We update monthly average aggregate data on ALF usage each month, with a one-quarter delay.

Bank of England Database

We publish a list of the assets that form the composition of the ALF backing fund. This information is updated when there are changes to asset composition.

ALF backing fund assets

Historic facilities and schemes

The Bank of England Database provides more data for operations, facilities and schemes that have closed or been suspended. For example, the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS), the Term Funding Scheme (TFS) and the Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF).

Additional information on other historic operations, facilities and schemes is available via the National Archives.


Asset purchase facility – financial stability gilt portfolio

The Bank carried out a series of temporary and targeted purchases of UK government bonds between 28 September and 14 October 2022, in line with its financial stability objective. Further information is provided in Historic Facilities section of our Market Operations Guide.    

Gilt Purchases

Data on the value of each of the bonds bought under the Bank's temporary financial stability gilt purchases is published here.

Gilt Sales
A detailed breakdown of the results of these gilt sales, including in nominal and sales proceeds terms, is provided in the spreadsheet below. This data is reported on a trade date basis.

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